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As if all of that wasn't enough for you, we present a short FAQ, a list of links which you may wish to visit (yes, you actually get to leave! Aren't you excited?), and a select few images of historic interest.

F. A. Q.

Q. Why in God's name did you write this thing?
A. Because we could. Because Quiara and Ann thought Manon needed corrupting. Because we were bored. Because we're part of a secret conspiracy to take over the world through weird RPGs.

Actually, we just wanted to put Chantal in pants to see what would happen. And now we know.

Q. Where were Valjean and Javert in all of this?
A. Uh, pretty much where you'd expect them to be. In England and in the Seine, respectively.

Q. Where was Éponine in all of this?
A. We leave that to your imagination. Frankly, we don't much care.

Q. What's this lost Catfight episode?
A. You don't even want to know. No, really, you don't. It had absolutely nothing in particular to do with the plot, and was only slightly amusing.

Q. Who played [X character]?
A. If it doesn't tell you here, then either it was several people, or we can't remember.

Q. Are you ever going to write more?
A. Dear God in Heaven, don't say that. Hasn't the world suffered enough?

Q. Why is the site done in purple?
A. Take a wild guess.

Q. Why is the site so plain and boring?
A. One of the chief authors of the Saga has a home computer powered by a gerbil in a wheel, and connected to the Internet by pure force of will. It would really suck if she couldn't read her own magnum opus because it took forever to download, now, wouldn't it? We think the content more than makes up for the spare design.


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Various images related to the Saga, and the saga of the Saga. If the bloody thing inspires you to creativity, we will humbly and gratefully, if bemusedly, accept submissions of illustrations, banners, buttons, or other graphical tribute. Because none of us can draw.

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