The Players

Culprit-in-chief. Responsible for egging Abby on, and for originally posting the logs on her Angelfire site for God and everybody to see. Plays: Marcelin Enjolras, Elise Enjolras, Gautier Enjolras, Etienne Combeferre, René Courfeyrac, Celestine Courfeyrac, Alexandre ("Alexis") Joly, Bossuet, Musichetta, Alissandre Lesgle, Jeanne Grantaire Tirmont, Jacques and Robert Tirmont, little Gavroche, Renée Morienval, and Fabienne the maid; also Éponine in the lost "Catfight" episode, and Marius in his denser moments; also Apollo and Hestia.

Culprit-in-chief. Responsible for egging Laura on, for designing this website, and for coining the name of Marcelin Enjolras which will surely live in infamy. Plays: Chantal Enjolras/Christian Caron, Regine Enjolras, Manon Latour, Jean Courfeyrac, Jean Prouvaire, François Grantaire, Gigi Tirmont, Paul Feuilly, Alain and Marie Desmarais, Samuel, Constance Dechesne, and Felicia the maid; also Cosette in the lost "Catfight" episode, and Marius in his brighter moments, such as they are; also Artemis.

Adrienne / Ann
Responsible for egging both Laura and Abby on, and for making the whole Feuilly subplot yet more angst-ridden than it already was. Plays: Claude Prouvaire, Aunt Claudette Lambert, Felicienne Enjolras, and Michaud.

Who offered much moral support, and leavened the acute soap-opera atmosphere of the whole damn thing with a touch of his own manic magic. Plays: Mathieu Dufresne and Gregory Bahorel.

Who kept snuggle quotas filled on all sides, and who harbored the Culprits-in-chief over New Year's -- capturing many of our heroes on actual film in the process. Plays: Delphine, and Lyn the waitress.

Who was a love, serving as an uncomplaining captive audience, and providing many an hour of post-scene relaxation with her witticisms. Plays: Julie Enjolras, plus Asclepius and Dionysus, the most adorable godlets you'll ever meet.

Who lent the saga a fine touch of dramatic irony. Plays: Jaden Knight, le petit anglais.

Who should be applauded for not being frightened off when she joined us, halfway through Book Two. Plays: Katharine, the girl on the street, and Athena.

Who rose gallantly to the occasion when we needed an entire bloody upper-crust dinner party, and still loves her mommy. Plays: Aunt Jacqueline.

Responsible for starting this whole AnkhParis thing in the first place, and doubtless helping plant the germ of the idea in the minds of the Culprits. Plays Joly in the very first chapter; also Javert in the never-released, tragic alternate ending to Book One. No, you don't want to know.

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