Book Five:

Above and Beyond


"Let's not insult the gods," [Prouvaire] said. "The gods have perhaps not left us. Jupiter doesn't strike me as dead. The gods are dreams, you say. Well, even in nature, such as now is, we find all the great old pagan myths again. To me a mountain like the Vignemarle, for instance, with the profile of a citadel, is still the headdress of Cybele; prove that Pan doesn't come at night to blow into the hollow trunks of the willows, stopping the holes with his fingers one after the other; and I've always believed that Io had something to do with the cascade of Pissevache."

--Les Misérables

"Welcome to Elysium. Two carry-on mortals each. Please check other baggage."


  1. The Saints of Olympus
  2. The Pang of Change
  3. The Peak of Dithyramb
  4. Love-in-Idleness
  5. All Comes From Light, and All Returns To It

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