It's been five and a half years since Quiara and I got bored, one night on the MUSH we were then playing, and decided to roleplay a fairly silly scene involving cross-dressing French girls. If you'd told us then that the damned thing would blossom into a novel-length slashy saga that would attract an actual fanbase, we would probably have backed away from you slowly, smiling, without making eye contact.

At this point it's kind of embarrassing, really. The fanon! The soap opera devices! The gratuitous fluff! The lack of cohesive theme or overarching plot or anything! The fact that it goes on for eighty installments, for God's sake!

And yet, it was terrific fun, and the fact that people did read it, and rec it, and think of it as a story rather than as the collection of chat logs that, essentially, it is -- suggests that it has some redeeming quality. You could probably do an in-depth analysis of what that is, and the symbolism and the underlying themes and the archetypes. (Actually, that would be really cool.) Or you could dismiss it as fangirl fantasy at its goofiest. Either way, you'd have a point.

November 16, 2005

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