Dramatis Personae

Marcelin Enjolras, a student in Paris
Chantal Marie, alias Christian Caron, his younger sister
Julie and Elise, other sisters
Gautier, their father
Régine, their mother
Aunt Jacqueline, Gautier's sister
Felicienne, a cousin

Etienne Combeferre, Marcelin's closest friend

René Courfeyrac, friend of Marcelin and Etienne
Manon Latour, his mistress
Jean, their son
Celestine, their daughter
M. and Mme. de Courfeyrac, René's parents

Alexandre Joly, a medical student
Laigle, called Bossuet, his constant companion
Musichetta, their girlfriend
Alissandre ("Alisse"), their daughter

Jean Prouvaire ("Jehan"), a student, Combeferre's friend, of a poetical bent
Claudette Prouvaire, called Claude, his cousin, later a doctor, because she's special

François Grantaire, Enjolras' unwelcome hanger-on
Jeanne Tirmont, his sister
Claudette Lambert, their great-aunt
Jacques and Robert, Jeanne's sons
Gigi, her daughter

Paul Feuilly, familiarly Paulin, a fan-maker
Alain and Marie Desmarais, his friends

Gregory Bahorel, a student of a rather violent disposition
Marius Pontmercy, Courfeyrac's friend and occasional roommate
Mathieu Dufresne, a mild-mannered young man
Jaden Knight, a young Englishman befriended by Grantaire

Gavroche, a street urchin
Samuel, an ailing gamin, Claude's patient
Michaud, his younger brother

Renée Morienval, a friend of Manon's, in love with Enjolras
Katharine, an absent-minded girl
Delphine, a seamstress and reader of romances
Constance Dechesne, her friend, actress at the Theatre del Sol
Lyn, a café waitress
Isabelle, Babette, Fabienne, and Felicia, maidservants

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